I’m a mixed Japanese American filmmaker who is passionate about creating work that focuses on intersectional and inclusive narratives. I own a small business named 6 Degrees of Hapa, write, design, and create art.

“In the Fog/Kamikakushi” – a music video that I co-directed with and for my talented sibling, Vioulet. We were so excited to have our hard work selected for film festivals around the country in 2019, including Outfest in Los Angeles. You can find Vioulet’s music, including streaming and downloads, here.

“Views from the Bay” is an archival video project that documents the experiences of Bay Area residents.

Through a series of interviews, conducted in late 2014 and early 2015 and featuring various individuals and organizations, our video archive creates a patchwork of narratives about the people who have made the Bay Area their home as they share their views on living, working, surviving, struggling, and thriving in the Bay.

“Wide Eyed” by Vioulet / co-director, director of photography


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