Model/Actress On The Go: Nicole Bonifacio Dishes On Her Career, Family, and Closet

“Nicole Bonifacio doesn’t make it feel like we just met. We’re talking over a video call, and the 24-year-old model/actress sits on her bed at her family’s home in Hercules, CA, where she’s taking a little break to visit family and get some R&R…”

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It’s Never Too Late (Or Early) To Get Summer Fit!

“If you’re anything like us, summer means relaxing, watching and then rewatching “Game of Thrones,” eating California burritos, and maybe having one too many rum and cokes. So despite our best efforts to get in shape for the summer and stay in shape, we may have slacked a little. Or at least gotten a late jump on the whole fitness thing for the season…”

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6º of Hapa: Finding Resilience Post-Election

After the results of the election came in, I couldn’t help but feel like giving up. It was difficult to go to work at my day job and I felt a strong impulse to close the doors on my little business.

As some of you may already know, I’m the owner and creator of an apparel line called 6 Degrees of Hapa, and my tagline is “celebrating mixed cultures, diversity, and spreading a little Hapa pride.” What has always been a fun and exciting part of my business suddenly seemed incredibly hard to do. I just couldn’t imagine going to an event, setting up my pop up shop, and selling anything to anyone. The possibility of even harder economic times and the ghost of a pinch on people’s wallets made me feel guilty about tempting shoppers to spend money.

But when I told my mom I felt like closing up shop for at least the next four years, she replied, “Closing your business is what he wants…”

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Oh Brook, We Love You SoSo

“…Okay, maybe not love love, but let’s just say I finally relate to Brook Soso after Season 3 of “Orange is the New Black,” which came out last June for all of our Netflix junkie viewing pleasure. I’m not going to lie, instead of eating lunch with my work buddies, I would sneak off to power through an episode. Yes, this post is a little late on the TV front, but one exchange from this season stuck with me. Well, two if you count, “Trust no bitch,” but I’m going to lay out the one that really stuck with me…”

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